Friday, July 10, 2009

Last day at Camp Williams

Today was the last day of camp, and it was awesome!! These boys have come together, set goals, and are helping each other. It is so amazing to see these boys do this!!!

Today was a tough practice, but it was obvious the boys loved it. It is so great to see these boys really excited about football, and watching them work towards what the want so badly - to win state!!! They are so determined to reach that goal, and it's wonderful to see them with such a positive attitude!

Channel 2 news came to Camp Williams to interview Coach Walker, and to get some clips of the boys being boys! They were so excited that the news people were there JUST for them!!

After lunch, one of the boys had a birthday, so we celebrated it with a birthday hat and cake.

After the afternoon practice, the boys packed up all their stuff, cleaned the barracks, and bathrooms, and got to go sleep in their own beds!!

We are all REALLY excited for the scrimmage tomorrow, and the boys can't wait to show off what they have learned! Hope to see you all there!

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  1. Thanks a million Kari for all the work you put into this! Its Awesome!