Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Football Camp Information





10th thru 12th Grade

· Arrive Monday the 5th at 8am please be dropped off in the front of the athletic hall to check in. You will return Thursday the 8th between

1 and 3pm.

· CAMP FEE OF 220.00 AND SPIRIT PACK FEE MUST BE PAID BY MONDAY JUNE 28th (Financial Office is open Mondays and Wednesdays 7-2pm).

· Equipment will only be issued on Friday June 25th 8-9am and Wednesday June 30th 8-9 am. Spirit Pack will be issued Monday morning. The CAMP FEE, SPIRIT PACK FEE, AND ALL 4 OF YOUR FORMS MUST BE TURNED IN PRIOR TO RECEIVING YOUR EQUIPMENT. SORRY NO EXCEPTIONS! (Sharon is there @ 5:45 am prior to practice to receive your forms except Monday the 28th)

· The only thing that will be supplied at camp will be a mattress, food, and toilet paper. All other items you will need for those 4 days you need to supply. Example: sleeping bag, DEODORANT, toothbrush and etc. Please try to pack as light as possible. Valuables (i pods, etc.) should be left at home.

· You may have the opportunity to attend a movie and go swimming. The movie will be paid for. You may want to bring spending cash. Don’t forget…….SWIMSUITS!


· If you have to take medication while at camp it MUST BE CHECKED IN with our Medical Trainer ON MONDAY MORNING. The medication MUST be in its original prescription container with YOUR NAME AND DOSAGE ON IT. The trainer will hold and administer all prescription medication. The form at the bottom of this page must be completed with your GUARDIANS signature.

***Emergency contact while at camp: VANESSA HENRIKSEN 857-222-6377 (trainer) Vanessa should only be contacted for EMERGENCIES ONLY***

Parents are welcome to come up and watch the scrimmage on Thursday. The Scrimmage is approx. scheduled for 9am. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE HOME YOUR PLAYER UNLESS THE COACH HAS CHECKED THEM OUT OF THEIR ROOM! We ask that no visitors during the other times at camp to minimize distractions. Thank you!

Any questions you can Sharon Mardesich (Asst. to the Athletic Director) @ 801-610-8815 ext.414 or e-mail:


PLAYER:__________________________________________ AGE:____________ MEDICATION:____________________________________________

ADMINISTRATING INSTRUCTIONS:_______________________________________________________________________________ TIME OF DAY________

FREQUENCY: __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ PURPOSE:________________________________________




I understand that the Medical Trainer will be holding _______________________ (player) medication while he is attending Football camp at CEU from the dates of July 5th to July 8th. I understand it is my said players’ responsibility to see the medical trainer when he is to have his daily dosage not the medical trainers’ responsibility to go to him. I have given the Medical Trainer enough of the medication for said time period in its ORIGINAL prescribed container.

Parent/Guardian (print)___________________________________________

Parent/Guardian (Signature)________________________________________ Date_________________________



Update on Football information

2010 Attentive Football Calendar

· June ….M,W,F….6am-9am conditioning (June 2-30th)

· July 5th to July 8th Football Camp CEU

· July 12th-July 16th-Break No Practice

· July 19th to Aug. 6th practice-no pads Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri. 6-9

· July Card Sales

· August 9th, Two a Day’s practices(pads)Start 6-9am 6-8pm

· August-McDonalds’s Football Night

9th Graders are invited to open practices but WILL be apart of the WESTLAKE YOUTH FOOTBALL LEAGUE. 9th graders must be registered by June 30th at All equipment and uniforms will be issued through the WYFBL.

EQUIPMENT: will be issued June 25th and June 30th at 9 am. Camp fee, spirit fee must be paid along with your paperwork turned in to Sharon. The financial office is open Monday and Wednesday from 7-2. Any questions you can reach Sharon on her cell at 801-859-7139 (office 801-610-8815 ext. 414) **SHARON WILL COLLECT PAPERWORK PRIOR TO PRACTICE EACH MORNING!

EXCUSED ABSENCES: Please e-mail Sharon so she can record what days you will be missing conditioning. She will notify the coaches. e-mail…… (801-610-8815 ext. 348-voicemail)

GRADES: Westlake High School Policy is you can have NO UNEARNED CREDIT from the previous school year. 2009-2010 you MUST have passed every class. You must make up any F’s or I’s from the previous year to be eligible to represent WHS this coming fall. You have 2 options:

1. East Shore – See WHS Website to register and get more information!
Session 1 Session 2
June 1 - June23 July 26 - Aug 19
Mon - Thur 10am - 2pm Mon - Thur 10am - 2pm

2. Alpine School District EXTENDED YEAR Classes- go to Alpine School District web site.


Participation fee………………..$60.00* (Due August 1,2010)

CEU Football Camp……………$220.00(Dune June 28,2010)

Spirit Pack………………………See options below-

1. New player= this is for players who have never been in our program. Cost is $110. This contains the bare minimum equipment that players need to participate. (Contains practice jersey, shorts, shirt, knee pads, game socks, and girdle).

2. Kahuna package= this contains everything the new player pack has, plus some extras. Cost is $160. (Contains Practice jersey, shorts, shirt, knee pads, game socks, compression t-shirt, compression long sleeve shirt, compression shorts, girdle)

3. Veteran= this option is only avalible for those who played for us last year and want to use some of their gear from last season. Cost is $55. (contains Practice jersey, shorts, shirt, and game socks).

Compression option package-$105 (compression t-shirt, compression long sleeve shirt, compression shorts)

(Due June 28,2010)

Optional Additional Purchases…..(Available through the Athletic Department/proof of payment required/receipt)

Athletic Sweats………..$84.00 Duffle Bag…………….$25.00

* Fee Waiver can apply*

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Welcome back to Westlake Football!

Welcome back to Westlake High School Football. We have a lot of information to give to you.

Open Conditioning
Early morning open conditioning begins Wednesday June 2, 2010 from 6:00am-9:00am this will be every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. T-shirts, shorts and cleats are required. Remember to bring water.

10-12 Grade Physicals will be held June 9. If you need a Physical see Sharon Mardesich at practice to set up a time.

If you still need to pay your camp fee's you need to take care of that through the finance office at Westlake on Mondays and Wednesdays between the hours of 9:00 am and 2:00pm. Camp fees must be paid by June 30,2010.

10-12 Graders only will be invited to go to camp this year. Camp will be held from July 5-July 8. The camp will be held at CEU.

Issuing of Equipment
Equipment will only be issued to players that have paid their camp fees and have turned in ALL their paperwork. Sharon will be out at the practice field each morning to collect papers that need to be turned in.

9th Graders will be playing football through the Cougar Conference. They will need to register through Westlake Youth Football, their website is Fees must be paid by June 30,2010. They do not pay their fees through the High School. All the equipment and uniforms will be issued through the youth league. 9th graders will be notified when the practices will begin.

9th graders are invited to condition with the 10-12 graders as long as they have registered and paid their fees through Westlake Youth Football.

Golf Tournament June 4th 2010 @ The Ranches in Eagle Mountain. We will let you know the time that the boys need to be there.

We are looking forward to another great year with Westlake Football if you have any other questions you can contact: Sharon @ Westlake 801-610-8815