Tuesday, July 7, 2009

First day of Football Camp

Today was the first day of football camp!!! All the boys were so excited to go, and learn all sorts of new things! The boys are sleeping in the military barracks, at Camp Williams, who so graciously let the boys stay there at no cost to us. 

The players were able to go to the training obstacle courses at Camp Williams to build teamwork skills. They had to work really hard, both physically and mentally, to get everyone from one side to the other. Of course, the boys knew how to have fun with the activity!

The team then returned to the military base WIPED OUT, for a 3 hour break, including dinner, (and naps!) before suiting up for their first full contact practice. The team was tired, but worked very hard on the drills. I am sure they are all snoring in their beds now!!!


  1. Kari, thank you for all the time you spend taking pictures and keeping this blog up to date...it's awesome and so are you! (Westlake is pretty cool, too!) --JR

  2. this is great! thans for keeping us posted! love the pictures!