Thursday, July 9, 2009

Day 3 of Football Camp

Today, the boys had a BLAST at camp!! It was a little bit of an easier day for them, and they let loose and had a LOT of fun!! Some of the boys went over to the Camp Williams pool and took a swim for a dollar, and others just hung out, and got to know each other a lot better!

Later on the boys practiced for a while, but not in full pads. The coaches let the boys relax a little bit today, as tomorrow will be a tough practice.

The boys were in their designated groups and had to come up with a skit to perform in front of everyone else. The boys were assigned to do a spoof on the coaches that work with them. It was a hoot to watch, and fun to see the boys coming closer together!!

After the skits were over, the coaches did a skit, and then it opened up to whoever wanted to do impersonations. So fun to watch everyone poke fun at each other!!

After this, a few of the polynesian boys came forward to teach the team the Haka, and more importantly the meaning behind it. They told the team that it was a serious dance, and that respect was to be shown. The team went outside under the streetlights, and all took off their shirts, as the Maori Haka dancers do, and all started learning it.

After working on the Haka, the boys gathered around to talk as a team, and a few boys stood up to say that they felt this was a good team, and that they could already feel how much closer they had grown to each other. It was wonderful to see how much these boys care about each other!!

Afterwards, they all went in for a snack, which lasted maybe 2 minutes, and then the boys started to help clean up!

It was a great day, and the boys are excited for tomorrow and for the scrimmage on Saturday!!

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