Thursday, October 8, 2009

JV and Sophomore games against Wasatch

Just had to make a quick note about the 2 games yesterday.
First JV played at 3:30. What a game. The boys really played hard, and really well. At a time we were ahead, then we fell behind.
The fourth quarter was amazing to watch. We needed two touchdowns to tie up the game. One really amazing run of the game, we kicked and on side. The ball bounced off of the opposing team, our guys retrieved the ball. After a few plays ran it in for a touchdown.
It was an exciting game all the way...... BUT....... we came down to seconds, the game was tied 28-28. We went into overtime. Each team started at the 20 yd. line to try and make a TD. Wasatch went first. They scored, then kicked for the field goal. the score was now 35-28.
Then came Westlakes turn. We scored, then went for the field goal. We missed the opportunity for the field goal. Final score 35-34. What an amazing game. The team really played a good game, and fought really hard.

Sophomores played a really great game. They were ready for a win. They looked like they were having so much playing the game. I really think the incentive the coaches put out there for the boys helped just a little;). It was fun to watch them play and to win their game!!! Final score was 34-14. Way to go boys!!!!!

Don't forget tonight's Varsity game against Wasatch. It is a home game, it starts at 7:00. Dress warm and come for some fun!!!!! See you there.

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