Sunday, September 27, 2009

Westlake vs. Orem 2009

Well....... not to sure what to say about this game. The boys really fought hard to come back. They almost did it. The final score was 42 Orem 35 Westlake. To ALL the coaches, as parents and spectators we are so grateful for all the time you put in to coaching our boys. Not only coaching but life lessons you are teaching them.

That brings me to Saturday morning. What a great opportunity for our boys to give back..... They were involved in the Buddy Walk for Down Syndrome. The boys had a really great morning. They interacted with the kids, played games with them and went on a 2 mile walk with them.

So many of the boys came home feeling really great about what they had the opportunity to do, and really had a great time. It was so wonderful to hear the boys talking about the kids they met, and the things that they did with them. All I kept hearing was how cute the kids were, and how much fun they had with them. We hope to see many more events that the boys are participating in as a team. How great to see the boys working together as a team off the field as much as on.

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